NFM-300-WebThe New Farmers’ Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities

The New Farmers’ Market covers the latest tips & trends from leading-edge sellers, managers and market planners all over the country. If you want to succeed at farmers’ markets, this is the book for you!

The New Farmers’ Market is for:

  • Farm or market gardeners;
  • Market managers, city planners, or
  • Community activists

In addition to farm and market gardeners, or market managers and city planners, this book is also invaluable for community activists in helping farmers’ markets and urban areas build vital urban communities surrounded by a thriving rural economy. As one market manager said: “We want people to be conscious about where they buy their food and why. We want to let people know they can be involved in their local food system, and that by buying a tomato that is grown locally in the community instead of the supermarket variety, they’re supporting the local economy.”

Part I (Selling at the Market) serves as a resource for farmers or market gardeners selling their produce at farmers’ markets;

Part II (Starting, Managing & Promoting the Market) serves as a resource for city planners or market managers in starting and building a market;

Part III (The New Farmers’ Market) serves community activists and city planners trying to foster appreciation for farmland while reinvigorating economic and social vitality in urban areas. For long range success, the ‘new’ farmers’ market raises community awareness by educating the public about local food and agriculture. The book features public education programs about local agriculture such as taste festivals, Shop With the Chef Programs, Cooking With Kids, The Senior Nutrition Program, and the Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program, in which local farmers’ markets supply farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to school cafeterias.

The New Farmers’ Market is a “must have” for growers interested in selling their farm or market garden products through farmers markets, as well as managers and city planners alike.

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