Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage In Partnership with the Earth

Micro eco-farmers across the nation are profiting from small acreages to small-town backyards. Larger farms are adding ‘microfarm’ segments to their larger operations. Their livelihoods restore the planet while creating an abundance of healthy products produced in very small spaces.

Micro Eco-Farming is for:

  • Farmers and market gardeners
  • “Wannabe” farmers/market gardeners, including retirees and workers seeking a second income or job change
  • Activists interested in ecology and sustainable living

Inside this book, you’ll learn:

  • How micro eco-farmers succeed
  • How they start “with nothing”
  • What traits they share
  • What secrets they know

Hundreds of real-life examples with ideas, resources and methods for all who aspire to create their own micro eco-farm, from:

  • wild-grazed mini dairies
  • backyard gourmet restaurant gardens
  • homegrown organic spa products
  • ‘u-gather’ nut groves
  • front-yard cut-flower stands
  • heritage rose farms
  • children’s and holiday farms
  • urban greenhouses
  • farm and cottage industry partnerships
  • miniature Shetland sheep with 11 natural colors of wool
  • herbs and flowers for healing
  • exotic and heirloom perfume melons
  • connoisseur apple orchards
  • ethnic personal chef gardens
  • old-fashioned farm festivals
  • native and wild edible farms
  • mail-order farm crafts
  • & more

Testimonials for Micro Eco-Farming (To see more, click here):

“This book teaches farming on a tiny but very profitable scale. Learn to make a living right out of your own backyard, raising and marketing natural and unique crops, selling them to niche markets. This exciting book is a must for anyone interested in growing crops for market (and home gardeners).”
Jere Gettle , Editor of 'The Heirloom Gardener' Magazine

“Useful and inspiring!”
Backhome Magazine

About the Author

Drawing from experience as a micro eco-farmer on her small island American farm, interaction with hundreds of others in the field, and years of research on the topic, Barbara Berst Adams now writes feature articles for national magazines on micro eco-farming, small enterprise, and creating a sustainable universe. She continues her research and consults on abundant microfarm techniques on a growing number of continents: from North American communities to African orphan villages.

Please visit Barbara’s website:
for updated articles, more successful micro eco-farm profiles from around the world, color photographs and resources for schools.

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