Testimonials from Sell What You Sow!

“Purely practical from beginning to end, filled with nuts-and-bolts knowledge directly applicable to making a living from selling produce.”
— HortIdeas

“This is the best book to date about the alternative marketing options available to farmers… This how to book deals with every aspect of marketing from selling to choosing crops and from regulation to advertising. Small family farmers in this country are ready for a book like this.”
–David Visher, UC Davis Small Farm Center

“Far-and-away the outstanding farm produce marketing text. If you’re trying to sell what you grow, this book will quickly pay for itself.”
— Small Farmer’s Journal

“The information Eric provides is as complete a book on agricultural marketing as has been written in the last century. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking new ways to obtain success in the farming business. If you buy only one book about farming then let it be “Sell What You Sow!” Too many farmers have learned the hard way that you can’t raise it, then decide how you’re going to sell it. Sell it first, then plant the seed. That’s good marketing.”
– Robert “Matty” Matarazzo, Matarazzo Farms, Belvidere, New Jersey

– Howard “Bud” Kerr, (then) director, USDA Office for Small-Scale Agriculture

“Covers marketing alternatives thoroughly, down to specific details every farmer, whether direct marketing or wholesaling, must consider.”
– Richard VanVranken, county agricultural agent, Rutgers Cooperative Extension

“Sell What You Sow! is a very readable book, full of great tips from experienced marketers across the country. If you want to see what successful marketers are doing across the country, read this book.”
– Kevin Hosey, assistant manager, Knox County Regional Farmers Market, Knoxville, Tennessee

“For too many years, we farmers have let others do the real marketing of our products and as a result have let the profits slip away. Sell What You Sow! Explains how to use direct marketing to recapture lost profits and boost the farm gate value of your work.”
– Curt Stuntman, Rural Innovation Center, Amanda, Iowa