Testimonials for Micro Eco-Farming

“A great new book by one of our writers for The Heirloom Gardener Magazine. This book teaches farming on a tiny but very profitable scale. Learn to make a living right out of your own backyard, raising and marketing natural and unique crops, selling them to niche markets. This exciting book is a must for anyone interested in growing crops for market (and home gardeners).”
– Jere Gettle, Editor of “The Heirloom Gardener” Magazine

“Barb makes the invisible visible. Visible, we can celebrate it, join it, and support it. And with the dozens of farms she describes here… I feel ever more empowered to do so.”
– Anna Lappe, co-author of Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet

“In this timely and informative book, Barbara Berst Adams explores a quiet revolution: the emergence of “microfarms” on tiny acreages that achieve astounding yields of organic produce and provide a better-tasting alternative to the products of big agri-business. Anyone interested in microfarming, food health, the environment, or the future of agriculture will learn from the success stories and lessons in this lively account.”
– William Dietrich, Pulitzer Prize winning environmental journalist and author of Natural Grace and Northwest Passage

“Useful and inspiring!”
– Backhome magazine

“While a major back-to-the-land movement 30 years ago received a lot of press, author Barbara Berst Adams contends another more quiet back-to-the-land movement has been happening on small acreages across the country. Micro Eco-Farming details how these small farmers succeed. Barbara Berst Adams profiles successful micro eco-farms, ranging in size from a fraction of an acre to 5 acres, that earn a full-time income for at least one adult. The book focuses on sustainable agricultural operations ranging from “u-gather” nut groves to miniature Shetland sheep wool farms. There also is useful information on the secrets of their success, along with a resources and networking section to help new micro eco-farms get started.”
– National Gardening Association

“If you are planning to develop your own food supply whether for market and/or personal consumption, Micro Eco-Farming will provide inspiration, motivation and information.”
– Bob Ewing, Suite University, Garden workshop facilitator