Cover-Front-400-WebThe New Farmers’ Market, 2nd Edition: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities

Farmers’ markets have become the vanguard of the alternative food movement, and with over 15 thousand copies sold and rave reviews, The New Farmers’ Market has become the farmers’ market “bible.” Since the book was first published in 2001 (when there were 3,000 farmers’ markets in the U.S.), the growth in farmers’ markets has been phenomenal; today, the number is 8,000 and growing.

The New Farmers’ Market, 2nd Edition: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities – is a must-have resource for growers interested in selling their farm or market garden products through farmers’ markets, and for market managers and city planners in starting, managing, and promoting a market. The book is also an invaluable resource for community activists to help educate the public about local food and agriculture, and help farmers’ markets and urban areas build vital urban communities surrounded by a thriving rural economy.

This extensively revised second edition of the book includes new chapters or sections on how farmers’ markets are increasing sales by expanding their product mix, and how farmers and farmers’ markets are utilizing social media and internet marketing.

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The New Farmers’ Market is the resource I would have killed for when I first fell into the farmers market world all of those years ago.
Richard McCarthy , Executive Director, Slow Food USA
Farmers’ markets are one of the most powerful grassroots social, culinary, and economic movements of our time. This new edition of The New Farmers’ Market is an incredibly comprehensive manual on how to create, manage and successfully sell at these weekly gatherings that are changing our relationship with food and how it comes to us.
Michael Ableman , farmer and author of Fields Of Plenty, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada


Vance Corum: As a consultant in farmers’ market development, research and management, Vance Corum since 1979 has helped over 65 communities establish new markets.

Marcie Rosenzweig for 12 years operated a market farm with multiple sales outlets including local farmers’ markets she helped establish.

Eric Gibson is the author of the widely-acclaimed Sell What You Sow! The Grower’s Guide To Successful Produce Marketing.

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