Micro Eco-Farming Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage In Partnership with the Earth, By Barbara Berst Adams



Chapter 1: The New Micro Eco-Farmers

Chapter 2: A Treasury of New and Ancient Crops the World Now Embraces

Chapter 3: The Animals: Ancient Breeds, Wildlife, and a New Vision

Chapter 4: Three New Foundations for “Restoring Eden”

Chapter 5: The Abundance Methods: A Sampler of Productive Micro Eco-Farming Techniques

Chapter 6: Orchestration, Diversity and Adaptability: The Power Behind the Micro Eco-Farm

Chapter 7: How to Begin, How to Learn, How to Continue to Flourish as the Earth is Restored

Epilogue: Growing Children’s Souls: Families and Children on the Farm

Appendix I: 25 Unique Micro Eco-farm Themes

Appendix II: Resources and Networking