Testimonials from The New Farmers’ Market, 2nd Edition

More than just an update, this second edition clearly demonstrates the ongoing relevance and importance of farmers’ markets in our rapidly changing food system.
Allen Moy , Executive Director, Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association, Concord, CA
So much good advice, best practices and institutional memory have gone into this book.
Chris Curtis , Dir., Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, Seattle, WA
Both seasoned market veterans and those just beginning to explore farmers’ markets will gain valuable insights from this book.
Erin Jobe , Market Manager, Carrboro Farmers’ Market, NC
This book is like a peephole into the inner workings of farmers’ markets across North America.
Stephanie Szakacs , St. Louis, Old Strathcona Farmers Market, Edmonton, AB
My copy of The New Farmers’ Market (1st Edition) has been indispensable in giving our family farm inspiration and practical ideas that have helped us survive and thrive. To anyone involved with farmers’ markets, I say, buy this book!
Cathy Pennington , Pennington Farms, Applegate Valley, OR
I had never realized all the planning and thought that went into building a successful farmers’ market until I read this book.
David Morgan , market customer and former publisher, Foghorn Press

Testimonials from The New Farmers’ Market (1st Edition):

“The definitive guide to farmers’ markets is here!”
– Jean English, Maine Organic Farmers’ Association

“Finally, a really good book on farmers’ markets!”
– Lynn Byzinski, Growing For Market newsletter

“I’ve recouped the cost of the book several times over already and it’s only our second market!”
– Joan Vibert, Windwalker Farm, Ottawa, KS

“Fantastic! I honestly can’t think of anything you have not put in there…
– Brent Warner, Direct Marketing Specialist, Province of BC, Canada

“GREAT! Very practical AND inspiring!”
– Dianne Stefani-Ruff, Manager, Portland Farmers Market

“This book is one of those gotta-haves for any grower who is currently part of a market, responsible for any aspect of running one, or thinks there is a farmers’ market lurking somewhere in the future.”
– “Innovations” Northeast Region Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program

“I cannot say enough good things about this book. We have learned so many good things in this book that have help us increase our earnings at the farmers’ market!”
– Kathy Owens, Manager – Manitowoc (WI) Farmers’ Market, Whitelaw, Wisc.

“Whether you’re part of a large, successful, urban farmers’ market or you are a beginning farmer who wants to start a market in your small town… The New Farmers’ Market is the one book you need.”
– The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener