EL-300-WebEat Local: Simple Steps to Enjoy Real, Healthy & Affordable Food

Eat Local! Consumers nationwide are heading to the farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, joining a CSA or local buying club… to enjoy locally-grown foods. You’ve heard how fresh, regional food is good for your health; your community, local farmers and farmland, that it tastes great and is fun!

Yet if you’re like many folks who’ve just heard about local foods, you probably have some questions and concerns about local foods:

  • Where do I find local food?
  • Does local food cost more? How it be less expensive?
  • How can I match the supermarket convenience of one-stop shopping?
  • Is local food safe?
  • Will miss my “supermarket variety”
  • What do I do with the new kinds of foods I’ve never seen before?
  • My kids are picky eaters. How can we eat local as a family?
  • Can eating local foods contribute to health?

Food choices are journeys, and Eat Local will hasten your journey to local food. This book is your hands-on guide to good eating from local farmers and local producers in your area.

Here is just a few of things you will learn about eating local food:

  • Step-by-step guidelines for finding and using local food, including why and how to find, purchase, preserve and use locally grown foods.
  • How to properly pick local produce and important questions to ask the farmer, grocer or other food purveyor
  • Save Money: 28 pages of practical tips on how to save money by buying local foods, including a whole chapter on saving money at farmers’ markets!Benefits: Health, economic, environmental, and otherwise
  • Children’s health: How locally grown foods can be integral in the fight against childhood obesity, while also better promoting family traditions
  • Convenience: How purchasing local foods can be far more convenient than you think
  • Seasonal eating: Learn to enjoy the exquisite taste of fresh picked produce
  • Cooking & preparation tips: Advice for making family dinners a quick and easy-to-prepare bounty with fresh, healthy, sustainable local food choices
  • Local food movement: Ways to change and improve our runaway food system for future generations, such as supporting school gardens or farm-to-school programs and hunger projects, farmland protection, etc.

…and much, much more to help you eat local!

Eat Local is for you if you:

  • Have heard about eating locally grown food, and would like a simple, step-by-step guide to get started!
  • Are interested in improving your health and saving money on food.
  • Consider yourself an experienced locavore and would like to learn more great eat local shopping tips as well as help bring more locally grown choices available to your community and family.

Here is your easy-to-follow roadmap for finding, purchasing and eating food produced close to you (wherever you live in the USA)! Put this handbook in your tote and take it with you as you shop from local farmers and improve your diet with local, sustainable food choices!

Will your summer include shopping at a farmers’ market? Do you want to enjoy food more and feel that what you eat is truly healthy? If so, this Eat Local handbook provides answers for the beginning locally-grown shopper as a well as the more advanced. Enjoy!
– Julie Metcalf Cull, R.D. , local food activist and author of Food for Life
I just received my order of Eat Local and it is wonderful. It is packed with great, easy to implement information and helps me to eat healthful and delicious foods and follow a sustainable lifestyle.
– Angie Tagtow, MS, RD, LD


Long time local foods activist and Registered Dietitian Jasia Steinmetz is a food and nutrition professor at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the School of Health Promotion & Human Development. Her areas of expertise include sustainable food systems, community food security and community nutrition. Steinmetz is a founding and current board member of the Central Rivers Farmshed, a community group that promotes local food and supports local farmers.  A home gardener, Steinmetz actively promotes the benefits, ease and availability of local foods within her community and those nationwide.

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