TNA-300-WebThe New Agritourism: Hosting Community and Tourists on Your Farm

Did industrial-era farming forget its major crop?

Farmers worldwide have rediscovered a new crop: agritourism. From lavender micro farms to large corn acreages, some farmers are finding that by opening their farms to non-farming citizens, even for just a few weekends a year, they can receive a serious boost in revenue. Further, the general public begins to reconnect with the depth of farming again, which encourages them to offer and demand support for fair treatment of their local farms.

This title goes beyond the general cookie cutter varieties to operations that are unique and authentic to their farms. It then shows how to focus and organize the plan, keep it safe and legal, promote the enterprise, and continue to progress and stay prosperous in the years to come. The voices of many real farmers are heard here.

In The New Agritourism, you’ll discover:

  • The many ways that farms already have more valued assets for sale than can be realized as a “farm only” destination.
  • How to earn more income and keep your authentic farm thriving by operating an agritourism enterprise
  • How successful agritourism enterprises operate, and how other farms can, also.

If you are a:

  • Current or aspiring farmer
  • Agricultural student or educator
  • Citizen involved in eco-tourism and rural revitalization
  • Regional planner interested in drawing visitors to your area via agritourism
  • Business owner involved in tourism

Then The New Agritourism is for you!

Testimonials (See more here)

…the new authority for making your small farm work. Learn to beat the big guys at their own game by making a natural small farm that will draw crowds and bring fun and profit to your farm. An exciting book that will become a small farm classic.
– Jere Gettle, Owner, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
Barbara has covered essentially all of the possibilities for agritourism (including some ideas we hadn’t heard about before, such as hosting professional chefs). But probably the most important chapters of the book are those on making a business plan, legal considerations, and promotional activities. We expect that reading The New Agritourism would greatly enhance the odds for successful establishment and operation of an agritourism business.
– HortIdeas, July-August, 2008


Drawing from experience as a micro eco-farmer on her small farm, interaction with hundreds of others in the field, and years of research on the topic, Barbara Berst Adams writes feature articles for national magazines on micro eco-farming, small enterprise, and creating a sustainable universe. See Barbara’s website here.

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