Table of the Earth is the online presence for New World Publishing, publisher of books recognized as the “bible” of their respective small farming topics. Table of the Earth also hopes to include additional information and resources and resources on sustainable agriculture, small farm topics, and local food systems.

Here is our current selection of books:

NFM-II-210The New Farmers’ Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities (1st Edition)
This is the revised and expanded edition of the book that has become known as the farmers’ market “bible.” This 2nd Edition includes new chapters or sections on how farmers’ markets are increasing sales by expanding product mix, and how farmers and farmers’ markets are utilizing social media and internet marketing to increase markets success. The book is for those who want to learn how to sell produce at a market; promote the market; and foster appreciation for farmland while reinvigorating economic and social vitality in urban areas.
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MEF-210Micro Eco-Farming:Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage in Partnership With the Earth
Micro eco-farmers across the nation are profiting from small acreages to small-town backyards. Their livelihoods restore the planet while creating an abundance of healthy products produced in very small spaces. Micro Eco-Farming provides a treasury of what micro ecofarmers can grow, the innovative farming methods they are using, and how they market products in surprisingly creative, new ways. Dozens of real-life examples are portrayed with ideas, resources and methods for all who aspire to create their own micro eco-farm.

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SWYS-210Sell What You Sow!: The Grower’s Guide to Successful Produce Marketing
This book offers farmers and market gardeners practical, how-to guidance in making a living from the land by selling fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Topics include selecting crops for maximum return; selling through farmers’ markets, restaurants, roadside markets, pick-your-own operations, rural recreation farms, subscription farming, mail-order and retail outlets, specialty wholesale channels; processed products; customer service; merchandising; pricing strategies; rules, regulations and insurance; and promotion and advertising.
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TNA-210The New Agritourism: Hosting Community and Tourists on Your Farm
Farmers worldwide have rediscovered a new crop: agritourism. From lavender micro farms to large corn acreages, some farmers are finding that by opening their farms to non-farming citizens, they can receive a serious boost in revenue. In this book, readers discover many ways that farms already have more valued assets for sale than they realized as a “farm only” destination. They discover that farmers can earn more income and keep their authentic farms thriving by operating an agritourism enterprise.

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EL-210Eat Local: Simple Steps to Enjoy Real, Healthy & Affordable Food
You’ve heard how fresh, regional food is good for your health; your community, local farmers and farmland, that it tastes great and is fun! Yet if you’re like many folks who’ve just heard about local foods, you probably have some questions and concerns about local foods: Where do I find local food? Does it cost more? Is it less expensive? How can I match the supermarket convenience of one-stop shopping?
Is local food safe? …and many more… This book has the answers!

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